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YVG News

Picture of Mark Merry
From the Principal
by Mark Merry - Friday, 20 November 2015, 08:27 AM
  I received two phone calls from members of the public this week. The first was from the organiser of a local soup kitchen which caters for people who once would be described as ‘down on their luck’. She told of our Year 8 helpers who washed pots, served food and interacted with the people there. Our students were described as polite, hard-working, respectful, sensitive and compassionate.
The second was from an elderly neighbour who fell in the driveway of her home. She lay there in pain for over 45 minutes. It was at this point that three of our students came to her aid. They found water, called the ambulance and waited with her until help arrived. She spoke to me of her relief and gratitude.
These two stories are refreshing reminders of just how good people can be. Amidst the terrible news coming out of Europe and the Middle East there are many stories of simple kindness that don’t capture the attention of the world. The capacity to do great evil is more remarkable and more remarked upon than the tendency to do simple good. It would be easy to believe that the world is an evil and dangerous place. Sometimes it can be. But if young men and women have the capacity to make such good decisions then the publicised evil we are seeing is not the norm nor will it ever be.
As a community we hope and pray for an end to the madness that has taken some to such very dark places. As we mourn the terrible suffering in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and France, there is also room to celebrate the fundamental kindness of young people.

Dr Mark Merry
Yarra Valley Grammar
Picture of Mark Merry
From the Principal
by Mark Merry - Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 12:37 PM
August Open Day
Last Saturday was our second Open Morning for the year with over 150 families visiting the school interested in securing a place for their daughters and sons at Yarra Valley Grammar. The morning was crystal clear with bright sunshine and warmth to the day. The School looked absolutely stunning with the last finishing touches to the gardens and clear signs of progress as the new buildings continue to take shape. Towards the end of this year we refurbish the ICT /Year 9 Centre in preparation for our Year 9 Class of 2015 as the year level is relocated from the temporary Larkin Campus. On completion of the new Science Faculty, the two remaining legacy science laboratories will be transformed into a Food Technology Centre over the January break. This will include a teaching kitchen and a front of house which will serve at times as a restaurant and café for students to gain experience in preparing and serving food and beverage. So the place is looking stunning and there’s lots happening on the development front.
Importantly though I told our guests that looking at buildings was not the real purpose of Open Day. Schools are about people. This is why our tour guides are our students and our information stands are manned by our teachers. The most important part of the day is meeting the people here, because it is they who capture what the school is really about. What a great job they did too with our visitors feeling welcomed and getting a sense of the culture of our school.
Year 6 2015
We have been experiencing considerable interest in places for Year 6 2015. In response to this we have decided to make an additional class available at the Year 6 level for next year. We have written to parents of the Year 7 Class of 2016 to offer an earlier entry as an option. If you have an interest for securing a place for Year 6 2015 please contact our Marketing and Admissions Office.